About Us

Family owned and operated, growing Protea in Kula, Maui since 1986.

We are a small-scale Protea farm based in Kula, Hawaii proudly offering seasonal arrangements and wholesale Protea flowers and plants. As a small family business, we strive to provide the finest quality products and customer service experience possible. Our all-female team puts love and attention into every aspect of the farm – from field to table. We hope you’ll feel that love when you receive our gifts!

Ali Minney

Ali Minney is the heart of Malolo Farm as our lead farmer and owner/operator. She’s been harvesting, planting, and propagating protea since the 1990’s after she set down roots in Kula, Maui for good. A California Native, Ali set out to sail the world for many years until she fell in love with Maui and it’s natural beauty. She couldn’t resist the chance to settle here with her husband Mark and farm flowers on the beautiful slopes of Haleakala. Ali is now one of the very few successful propagators of protea in the state of Hawaii, which allows us the opportunity to provide you with exceptional flower varieties. Ali has extensive experience with protea and their specific needs, and provides warm and helpful customer service daily.

Paige Minney

Paige is the oldest daughter of Mark and Ali. She grew up in the heart of the business – hiked around the farm on mom’s back harvesting flowers as an infant, to field clearing, flower packing, and transplanting throughout her early years. She’s spent over nine years in California near our family on the West Coast, gaining a degree in Environmental Horticulture at Santa Barbara City College, working for the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, and operating her own CA native plant landscaping company before finally moving back home in 2018 to partner in operating the family farm with Ali. Since then, the team has grown and we’ve been able to expand the business and continue to grow new and exciting flower varieties, offer workshops, and continue to share our love of protea.

Amanda Minney

Amanda is Mark and Ali’s youngest daughter. She has long been a contributing member of the farm team, having also grown up on the farm in the midst of its growth and production. After high school, Amanda earned herself a bachelor’s degree in Biology, has worked years as a ranch hand for various local ranches, and boasts an impressive work ethic that ultimately had the family business begging her to work with them. She is now our powerhouse Field & Maintenance Manager, working full time at Malolo since 2020. Already she has cleared and replanted acres of farm land lost to time and invasive weeds, proving to be one of the most valuable team members for our farm’s future. Look forward to seeing the fruits of her labor on the farm when you come to visit us!