Protea Wreaths

We are now able to make our fresh cut Protea wreaths again. Plenty of flowers and leucodendrons to make a 24″x24″ wreath.  Appropriate for welcoming, holidays and memorials. They come fresh cut but will dry for everlasting enjoyment! They come boxed and delivered for $210.00.


Yes, we do sell our Protea plants to the public..!

We have been getting questions about who do we sell our Protea plants to. We do sell them online but also directly to anyone who is interested.

If you would like to come by and see what we have just send an email to and we can set up a time to visit.

We are usually away from the office and in the field but have the email right with us so should be able to respond as received.

Hope to see you soon!


Leucodendron plants

We have available a nice selection of leucodendron plants. These are often overlooked as most people are shopping for Protea plants that “bloom”.  These types also bloom but in more subtle ways, and they usually are quite beautiful year round with their rich colored foliage. Once established they are drought tolerant and require minimal care.

Sylvan Red




Female discolor

“Julie blooms in bouquet


Female discolor’s bloom




We wish all the Father’s the most wonderful day, hope it can be spent with love, togetherness  and cherished memories for all.

Thank you Dads for all you do!

Bee with pincushion

Our Spring Mix!

We are able to make our arrangements with a mix of Protea and Anthuriums  creating a long lasting display of color and texture.


Spring Mix

Well the time has come…flowers have gone quiet so are we!

Aloha all, it has been a very busy season and we appreciate your support!

As the flowers are regenerating we are taking the next few weeks to reorganize, clean up and make more plants. We will be available for email chat, but will re-post our floral options May 29th.






Next Sunday the 14th is Mother’s Day, so be sure to remember her with some beautiful Flowers from Hawaii! Make her dream of the tropical breezes and colors for the Islands come true. Last day to ship for the West coast is Thursday the 11th and East coast if Wed. the 10th.


Locally grown on the Big Island – Anthuriums!!

Well the Protea season has been very busy this year but it has also come to an end and the plants are now recovering and regrowing from the productive season.

We will get some flowers here and there so they will be included in our floral options but we have purchased some spectacular varieties of Anthuriums grown locally on the Big Island of Hawaii up make up our arrangements. We hope you will enjoy the wonderful diversity of Hawaiian grown flora.


Fresh Big Island Anthuriums