We went for a farm walk on Friday only to discover these black “inch worm” type critters…everywhere in one area. You could hear them in their actions, CREEPY.   I have never seen them before and was concerned they may be something new.  Voraciously devouring the Castor plants (nice!!) but not sure if they would be devastating to any other plants.

Needless to say it was a long weekend of Googling and waiting for Monday to try to get a local answer. Monday was a local holiday too so I just heard from my friend at CHTAR what they are.

Castor Semi-Looper that’s invading the Kula area right now.  Had other people contacting me about them invading by the hundreds/thousands!  They feed exclusively on Castor plants so are extremely poisonous, but shouldn’t hurt the proteas.

Hope this information helps others.


Castor Semi - Looper

Castor Semi – Looper